Updates - September 2011 through April 2013

NEWEST UPDATE: 11 April 2013 - For this update I've added 7 new pages of photos and articles: Victor Pictures From March 2013, Rita Ann's Pictures From The Fundraising Events For Victor's Hometown Heroes Mural, More Great Photos From Rita Ann, Victor's Church Photo And More From Rita Ann, January/February 2013 Photos From The Site, Photo Of Victor's Mural In Louisville and Dedication Day Of Victor's Mural. Here are 4 great pages about Victor's Hometown Heroes Mural: http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20130116/ZONE07/301160030/Shelby-Park-raising-funds-Victor-Mature-mural?nclick_check=, http://www.ket.org/cgi-bin/cheetah/watch_video.pl?nola=KLOUL+000712, (Please copy and paste the URL into your browser - for some reason it won't link directly), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1H5xFe5go4&feature=youtu.be, and http://www.ket.org/cgi-local/fw_louisvillelife.exe/db/ket/dmps/Programs?id=LOUL0712. Make sure to follow Victor's twitter account! 19 January 2013 - For this update I've added great photos from 2012 and 2013, September 2012 photos (a few of these photos repeat because of the way I have the files set up - sorry about that), Victor in the Netherlands - thanks to Eduard! - and a great photo from Susan Carmody of Victor from World War II. Celebrate Victor's 100th birthday on January 29, 2013! Happy Birthday Victor!!! Here is a fun article about the Victor Mature Turkey Shootout Golf Tournament from 2011! Shelby Park showcases Victor Mature article - about the fantastic Hometown Heroes Program and Victor's upcoming mural with many wonderful photos! Attend the fantastic fundraising events for Victor's Hometown Heroes mural! There is still time to get your tickets or to donate!!! 5 September 2012 - For this update I added 5 pages of all of the gorgeous Victor photos that have been posted on Vic's Facebook page recently. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 and Page 5. 10 May 2012 - For this update I added three pages of approximately 90 great photos of Victor at: Page One, Page Two, and Page Three. I also added all of the photos I posted on Facebook when I post his movie schedule there (73 of them). Just right click to see the full sized image. Here are many fantastic photos of Victor from The Last Frontier! Here is Victor in Captain Caution, Victor in the Coast Guard and a wonderful photo of Victor here also. Victor and Rita photos here. Victor in his Genius Jacket here. Buy the book about Lady In The Dark with great info and photos on Vic. Preorder the new Victor book through Amazon here and through Barnes and Noble here. Order Jim and Henny Backus' books that have fantastic stories about Victor! They are my absolute favorite Vic stories! You can buy these three here: Forgive Us Our Digressions, ... Only When I Laugh, and Rocks on The Roof. You can also find them through other used book sites. Buy a Victor book from Germany here. Watch a great video clip of Victor with Marilyn Monroe meeting The Queen. (You must be a member of the Victor Mature Fan Club Facebook Group to view it.) Make sure to visit the fantastic Official Carole Landis Site! 23 January 2012 - I've added 5 fantastic pictures of an amazing painted low relief sculpture of Victor from Violent Saturday that was created by artist Rick Washington! 2 September 2011 - For the updates for 2011 these articles have been added: Great candid photos of Victor during World War II thanks to Lee Brilliant, Victor and Tessie O'Shea, Victor and Rita Hayworth pictures, Great photos of Victor in the Coast Guard from original negatives, Victor photos from The Robe, Pictures of Victor and Carole Landis thanks to CaroleLandisOnline.com, Victor and Rudy Vallee photo, Photos of Victor with Carole Landis and Gene Tierney, Candid photo of Vic with a camera, Victor talks about acting styles and more, Gerri Shepherd's photos of Victor's grave, Victor and Mapy Cortez gorgeous magazine cover, Victor's great recipe, Rare Victor pictures, Victor and Eunice Kinzer article continued, and much more! To find some of Victor's rare movies visit LovingTheClassics.com Check out this book to read great stories about Victor during the filming of One Million B.C. Make sure to visit Victor's YouTube Channel where I will be adding many more great videos very soon! Victor's upcoming movie schedule can now be found at TVGuide. You can customize the search to your viewing area.