6 June 2015 - I've updated the site with all of the pictures, links and more from about July 2014 through June 2015. For this update 17 pages of files have been uploaded. Make sure to check them all out because you can see the full sized versions of the pictures I post on Facebook plus some photos I haven't posted before!

Queen Elizabeth photos

Queen Mary photos

Squire Vic

April 2015 Victor Updates

April May 2015 Victor Updates

Vic The Veteran

Victor 2015 Links And Articles

Victor Big Photos

Cry Of The City

Victor 2015 More Great Pictures From Wabash Avenue And With Bella Darvi And More

More Great Victor Photos Something For The Birds, Samson, Moss Rose And More

Italy, Lady In The Dark, Memorial Day And Much More

Victor's 101st Birthday Celebration

Million Dollar Mermaid, Fritz, Birthday And More

Safari, Birthday, Marilyn Monroe, Valentine And Samson

Comic, Captain Caution, Moss Rose, Glory Brigade And More

My Gal Sal, Louisville Life, Record Player And More


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