Victor Mature: Tagged, when he first came to Hollywood, as "The Beautiful Hunk of Man," Vic lives up to this title. He's 6 foot 3, weighs 212, has dark hair and snapping dark eyes. He loves people and parties and if he's home alone will immediately start phoning everyone he knows inviting them to come over and keep him company. If his friends won't come to his house, he'll go to theirs. He's a favorite with the newspaper and publicity people, for in his early years in Hollywood he was one of thier main sources of copy.

EARLY LIFE: Victor became interested in writing plays at the age of 11 and though his father owned a successful refrigeration business and wanted his son to join the firm, Vic wasn't interested. In 1936 he journeyed to Hollywood. There he created something of a sensation with his ways. He lived in a tent, because he couldn't afford rent, and walked dogs for forty cents an hour to earn money. All this time he was receiving excellent stage training at the Pasadena Community Playhouse, where he appeared in 167 plays. Hal Roach discovered him and gave him a part in The Housekeeper's Daughter. This was followed by One Million B.C., Captain Caution, and No, No, Nanette. He left Hollywood to appear on Broadway and was a smash hit in Lady In The Dark. He went back to Hollywood - and fame and fortune. In May 1942 Victor enlisted in the Coast Guard. Three and a half years later, he returned once again to Hollywood.

ROMANCE: There have been lots of pretty girls in Vic's life - Betty Grable, Lana Turner, Buff Cobb, Carole Landis, Anne Shirley - and a big romance with the beautiful Rita Hayworth. But Rita jilted Vic while he was in the Coast Guard and married Orson Welles. Now that she has divorced Welles, Hollywood is wondering if Rita and Vic will pick up the threads of their broken romance.

PREFERENCES: Victor loves boogie, casual clothes, and the great outdoors. He never goes to the movies and reads the daily newspapers and his scripts. And to repeat, he loves company.

This article was pasted in a scrapbook so I'm not totally sure of the exact date or magazine name.


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