Victor Mature has been making quite a stay on the RKO lot recently. First of his new pics there which you'll be seeing is "The Las Vegas Story," which pairs Vic with Jane Russell. That's exciting pairing anywhere, anytime - and immediately after RKO execs saw the finished picture they signed Vic for another co-starring stint with Jane. Jane and Vic were both pleased to have another pic lined up for them too, for they liked working together; they found they had a lot in common and got on famously. They both have a fine sense of humor. They pair in a modern-day melodrama in "Las Vegas Story" which has Hoagy Carmichael and Vincent Price in the cast too. Jane gets a chance to sing, but the film stresses action and excitement more than music. And the movie winds up with a chase sequence which is one of the best of its kind ever filmed. Team Vic and Jane, and you've got a natural pair for real excitement and fast action! (This was an article pasted into a scrapbook so I'm not sure of the exact date or which magazine this came from.)

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