Here are 4 very interesting articles that talk about Vic's movies! (I just found them so haven't read them all yet. Make sure to check them out!) - The Via Dolorosa: Walking in the footsteps of Jesus - interesting mention of The Robe.

A Sentimental Journey With Les Brown talks about Seven Days Leave.

The truth about Hannibal’s route across the Alps. Interesting article mentions Hannibal and has a great picture of Vic.

Richard Widmark: A Princeton legend - Fascinating article talks about how the general public really reacted to his performance as Tommy Udo in Kiss of Death! He said: "“I didn’t pay much attention to the role. It was an interlude between plays I was doing and my radio work. Unbeknownst to my wife, I had signed an option — never thinking they’d pick me up. They did, and we had to go to California. The first time I saw ‘Kiss of Death’ was after we moved there. I had never seen myself on screen — even in rushes. I was shocked! It was a kind of goofy looking guy up there. It wasn’t me! I didn’t want to look at myself. For a couple of years afterwards. I was very self conscience about even smiling.”

Widmark’s performance was anything but goofy as to the effect it had on the general public. “I used to get slugged regularly, hit like a gong! But especially in Texas! At the Old Shamrock Hotel in Houston, I was sitting, eating my dinner. All of a sudden, I looked and a big guy grabbed, turned me around, and belted me! I’ve walked down streets in Texas and Nebraska — and ladies have grabbed me and said, ‘Hey, you little squirt.’ I always stayed away from bars; I’ve never drunk anyway. Playing those parts in those days, you were too wide open. I don’t think it makes a difference today. In those days, you played a mean part — you were a mean bastard!”"