Check out this fascinating article on Hollywood's Last Survivors. It's an article about the Holocaust and how only 11 people who lived through it remain from the world of entertainment. Read the section about Dario Gabbai. He was in The Glory Brigade with Victor. Check out the photo of Dario Gabbai with Victor and other photos of Dario. The article says: "Though the bulk of his work was outside the entertainment business, he did have a small role in the 1953 war flick The Glory Brigade — his photo album contains snapshots of him on set with Victor Mature and a young Lee Marvin. He also has pictures of himself with Steven Spielberg; Gabbai was prominently featured in Spielberg’s 1998 documentary The Last Days as well as a 2005 BBC film series on the Holocaust." You can also watch a fascinating interview with him that features the picture of him with Victor. Gabbai is the last living Sonderkommando and is the last person alive to have seen gas chambers actually functioning. Thank you so much to Victoria Mature for the information! All photos Copyright © Their Respective Owners/Hollywood Reporter/Dario Gabbai

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